Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The Municipality of Jamindan is located at the central portion of Panay Island. It is 49.5 kms away from Roxas City, the Provincial Capital of Capiz. It is bounded on the North by the Province of Aklan, on the Northeast by the Municipality of Mambusao, West by the Province of Antique and on the South by the Municipality of Tapaz. Its exact location is in coordinates 122°30.3’ North Longitude and 11°24” North Latitude.
TOPOGRAPHY Jamindan is one of the biggest municipality in the Province of Capiz in terms of land area with 54,425 hectares which comprise 29.3% of the total provincial area. It has a mountainous and hilly terrain specifically on the northernmost and southwest portions. The whole topography is steeply sloping at western portion and gently sloping at the eastern portion of the municipality. More or less 40.62% of the province’s forestland is situated in Jamindan.
Generally, the slope ranges from 25% and above which cover an area of 17,416 hectares or 32% of the municipality’s total land area. Slope Category A which is 0-5% slope is only 8.8% of the total land area or roughly 4,789.4 hectares. Slope Category B having 5.1% - 8% slope totaled 11,755.8 hectares or 21.6% of the total land area. Slope Category C have slopes of 8.1% – 15% is 15,565.55 hectares or 28.6% of the total land area. Slope Category D or lands with 15% to 25% slope is 4,898.25 hectares about 9% of the total area.
The municipality is characterized by two pronounced seasons, the wet and dry seasons. Dry season relatively begins on February to middle of May and wet season emanates from middle of May to January. It has two types of climate Type II and Type III. Type II indicates that there is no dry season, very pronounced maximum rain period especially in the months of November and December. Type III has more or less distributed rain throughout the year and sometimes the season at certain months is hot.


A God loving, progressive, self-reliant community with fully developed agro-industrial economy, ecologically balanced environment, an attractive tourist and investors destination with well-informed, healthy and empowered citizenry, living in an atmosphere of peace and working with competent and committed leaders.


Jamindanganons are to: 1. Love God above all things 2. Promote a progressive and self-reliant municipality through a well developed agro-industrial economy; 3. Sustain ecologically balanced environment; 4. Develop and promote tourist attraction/destination; 5. Attract and encourage investors; 6. Attain a well-informed, healthy, disciplined and empowered citizenry; 7. Live in atmosphere of peace, harmony and justice; 8. Empower competent and committed leaders to participatory governance.

Camp Peralta, Jamindan, Capiz - The 3rd Division Training Unit, the Army School in the Visayas completed significant infrastructure innovations that greatly improved its training quality, services and basic amenities. These developments greatly helped student-soldiers who undergo career courses at the training school. Even with their meager resources, but equipped with vast pool of highly skilled individuals, ingenuity and dedication to get the job done, the Army ‘Gurus’ were able to complete several high value projects.
One of the infrastructures built was the Overflow Bridge which connects the DTU to the Known Distance Range (KDR) of the Division. It was a fact that prior to the construction of the bridge, students of the training school have hard time passing through a thin bar way to the firing range and the motorists cant pass through the river whenever it floods especially during heavy rains. Another is the construction of the DTU Grotto which signifies that Officers and men of the Division 1 raining Unit seek God’s guidance as they perform their designated tasks to serve god,, country and people. furthermore, repainting and putting up of jalousie windows on rooms and sleeping foams for beds of the students. A deep well was also constructed at the Training Village to provide the students’ daily need of water.
MAJ LARRY B MOJICA (INF) PA, incumbent Commandant of the Division Training Unit, disclosed that these projects were not made possible if not with the support of the Command, the Officers and men of the Division Training Unit and the: Candidate Soldiers Course “MATATAG” Class 99-04.

Fiesta Morsels
The members of the different committees and management under JACEMMS involved in the organization of the coming fiesta are up and about in preparation for this big event. This is a celebration of the Feast of San Sebastian and the municipality. Here are some tidbits geared up for the said event……….
- The church, specifically, Rev. Fr. Langgurayan directs the Fiesta 2008
- Governor Vic Tanco will be the guest in the parade and playground demonstration.
- Congressman Fredenil Castro and his wife will grace the Barangay Night.
- Vice Governor Felipe Barredo will be the guest for the LGU night with no less than Jalilo DelaTorre, Director of Bureau of Local Government, DOLE, as guest speaker.
- The LGU night will be organized by the Tourism Council headed by Elsa R. Lambuson. The theme of the night would be mardi gras like or anything carribean or latin. This night will showcase the flair and grace of jamindangons for dancing and merrymaking. And everyone is invited to join and wear colorful and vibrant costumes and embellishment. This time, more…..is definitely MORE!!

                                                                                                                              by: Joilyn Dordas
                                                                                                                                    Joy Vigo